Expediting, Crating, and Shipping
    Alaska Wildlife Rugs and Taxidermy offers expediting, crating, and shipping services for
    sportsmen and sportswomen wanting to ship their trophies to another location within the
    United States. Sorry, we do not offer international shipping at this time but will gladly
    refer international sportsmen to a facility that can accept and process such shipments.

    Cick here for a pdf version of our rates, policies, and expediting information.

    Expediting fees include State of Ak sealing (black bears and fur bearers only, if
    needed), invoicing, drying the hide or cape, a thorough examination of your trophy to be
    sure it is ready to ship, and contact of customer and the customer's agent throughout the
    expediting process.  Expediting does NOT include shipping, crating/boxing,
    transport, or any fleshing/hide/antler preparation costs that may be needed for

    Expediting fee per specimen  is $125.  This includes the hide and skull (or cape and
    antlers) of that animal.

    Crating/boxing rates (salt dried hides, antlers, horns, skulls,)
    Black bear hide - $40
    Brown/Grizzly bear hide - $50
    Bear skull, raw - includes freezing - $40
    Bear skull, cleaned - does NOT include cleaning or bleaching - $20
    Sheep, mt goat, or deer (cape, antlers/horns included) -  $50
    moose cape and antlers* - $200
    musk ox cape/hide and horns, or caribou cape and antlers* -$150
    Bison cape/hide and skull/horns* - $120
    Furbearers, misc backskins, most hides not listed above - $40

    Discounts are available for multi piece packaging.

    *includes ONLY the skull plate/antlers, not the whole skull.

    Shipping information
    Shipping is not included in expedite or crating/boxing fees. Full payment for ALL
    services and for shipping is required before any item will be shipped. Caribou, Moose,
    and other very large items will be transported by freight truck to the nearest terminal
    point of the final destination address. Any and all costs for pick up at the receiving
    terminal are the customer's responsibility.

    All items that can be boxed or crated within the size constraints of the USPS or UPS  
    will be shipped via one of those two carriers, with insurance and confirmation of receipt.
    We will give you estimated quotes for several shipping options, from parcel post to
    second day air so that you can choose which carrier you would like to use. All tracking
    information will be emailed to you and/or your agent after your shipment leaves.

    Please be aware that shipping of frozen skulls is highly discouraged due to the possibility
    of the skull being thrown out by the shipping company if it thaws or spoils during transit.
    If you want to ship a frozen/raw skull you do so at your own risk. The only way we ship
    raw skulls is via UPS second day air with insurance.

    Airport drop off or pick up of trophies costs $150 (Anchorage International Airport).  
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