Frequently Asked Questions
If you

    Alaska Wildlife Rugs and Taxidermy understands hunters often have questions regarding care of their trophy and
    the taxidermy process.
    Here are answers to some of those questions.  If you have a question that is not listed below, please feel free to
    give AWRT a call, or send us an email.

    Q: How much will my rug cost?
    A: We set prices based on the length of your finished rug (nose to tail), so the final cost won't be determined until
    the rug is complete. However, to give you a ball park figure - An average sized black bear rug is about $1200.
    An average grizzly is about $1600, and an average brown bear is about $1800. These are average prices, to
    give you an idea of how much a rug might cost.

    Q: How does Alaska Wildlife Rugs and Taxidermy identify a customer's hide?
    A: When you bring your hide to the shop it is 'double identified' for your peace of mind (and for ours!). We
    attach a pastic tag with your invoice number to your hide and also permanently put your invoice number into
    your hide with a small hole punch.  The hole punched ID serves as a backup, in case the plastic tag is
    accidentally cut off by the tannery during the fleshing/tanning process.

    Q: How long will it be until my rug or mount is completed?
    A: We make every effort to have your rug or mount completed within 8-10 months of required deposits (60%).

    Q: How long will it be before I get my tanned hide back?
    A: Tanning generally takes between 5 and 7 months from the time of drop off, unless you request a rush, which
    is done in approximately 3 months (at 60% extra charge).

    Q: Can you repair skinning mistakes and holes in my hide?
    A: Yes, most skinning mistakes and holes can be repaired. Excessive repair will be billed by shop rate of $75/hr.
    'Excessive' refers to any repair work taking more than 30 minutes.

    Q: Are fleshing, skinning and salting included in the cost of my rug, mount, or tanning?
    A:Yes, if the animal is left for a mount or rug. If it the animal is brought as a tan only, fleshing and skinning is

    Q: Do you refurbish or repair old or damaged rugs or mounts?
    A: Alaska Wildlife Rugs and Taxidermy can refurbish or repair damaged or older rugs and mounts. The best
    way to determine if refurbishing is possible is to bring your rug or mount to the shop for an evaluation. Click
    here  for more information on refurbishing services.

    Q: Can a 10 year old tanned hide be made into a rug?
    A: Most likely, no. Tanned hides have a shelf life when it comes to doing taxidermy work. A tanned hide that is
    stored in the freezer can be mounted up to 5 or 6 years later, but a hide that has been a 'wall hanger' probably
    cannot be mounted after 3-4 years. If you have an older hide you would like to have rugged, bring it in for a 'wet
    test' to see if it will hold up to the mounting process.

 Q: Can Alaska Wildife Rugs and Taxidermy complete Alaska state sealing requirements for my
 bear or other animal that needs to be sealed?        
 A: Yes, we can complete sealing requirements for black bears and fur bearers.
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