A minimum 30% depost is required at time of drop off  or before any hide or cape will
    be tanned for a mount or rug. When the hide or cape is received from the tannery, an
    additional 30% deposit is needed before Alaska Wildlife Rugs and Taxidermy will begin the
    mounting process. The remaining balance can be paid at time of completion/pick up.

    Tan only skins require 75% deposit at time of drop off or before shipment to the
    tannery. Need a rush on a tan only? Get your tanned skin back in under 3 months
    for an additional 60% of the regular tanning cost.

    Payments can be made with cash, check, or credit card.

    Every hide brought to Alaska Wildlife Rugs and Taxidermy for tanning or mounting
    is hole punched and tagged with the customer's invoice number for identification.

    Alaska Wildlife Rugs and Taxidermy makes every attempt to have your mount
    completed within 6 months of receiving the hide or cape back from the tannery, as
    long as the required deposits have been met (60%).

    Because there are many variables which are out of our direct control, including
    proper field care of a specimen before arrival at the shop, we cannot guarantee that
    any hide/skin/specimen will return from the tannery undamaged or mountable. All
    tanning is done at the customer's risk.

    Upon arrival at the shop, raw hides will be inspected thoroughly for damage and
    overall quality. Hides deemed unmountable or unsalvageable will be returned to the

    Detailed jaw sets add extra realism and a superior look to your mount. You can add
    a detailed jaw to many open mouth mounts for an extra $100-$200.

    If repair to a damaged hide or trophy takes more than 30 minutes or needs
    replacement materials/parts there will be an additional fee based on the extra labor
    and the type of repair required.  No repair of this kind will be made without the
    customer’s approval, but Alaska Wildlife Rugs and Taxidermy may decline to mount
    your trophy if we feel the overall quality of the mount will suffer without the
    recommended repair work.

    Any job that does not have a specified charge will be billed at the $75/hr shop rate.

    Form alterations and custom form fabrication are billed based on the shop rate of

    All Grizzly or Brown Bear closed mouth rug shells (head form) have to be custom
    made; the final price will reflect the additional cost for form alteration.  

    Semi -open mouth rugs use a detailed jaw set and cost an additional $100.

    A storage fee of $2.00 per day will be assessed on all mounts or tanned skins that are
    not paid for and picked up within 30 days of notification of completion.

    Any mount or tanned skin that is not paid for in full within 6 months of
    completion will become the property of Alaska Wildlife Rugs and Taxidermy.
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