About Us
Juli Wolter, the owner and taxidermist at Alaska Wildlife Rugs and Taxidermy, has over 14
years experience as a taxidermist and rug maker. She has experience mounting small mammal
life sizes to completing shoulder and life size mounts of larger animals such as wolves, deer,
caribou, and bear
Situated in the heart of Wasilla, Alaska, Alaska Wildlife
and Taidermy specializes in providing
professional quality taxidermy for sportsmen and
sportswomen. We believe it is important to remember
that while the hunt itself takes place during a brief
moment in time, the memories of the hunt will endure
for years to come through excellence in taxidermy.
That is why we strive to realistically represent
trophy in the type of mount you choose.
If you are interested in having your next
trophy made into a m
ount or rug be sure
to stop by Alaska Wildlife Rugs and
Taxidermy, where you will always get
courteous service and professional
Alaska Wildlife
Rugs and Taxidermy
Relive the memory