Refurbishing services
Alaska Wildlife Rugs and Taxidmery is able to repair and refurbish many old rugs and
mounts. If you have an older rug that you would like to have refurbished give us a call.
Generally it is best to bring the mount or rug to the shop to have an evaluation completed.
You might be surprised how much improvement can be seen with a thorough cleaning
and paint touch up!

Below are pictures of a rug that was brought to Juli to repair and fix up. There were many
issues with the rug, including lack of overall quality by the original taxidermist (NOT Juli).
The rug had a split ear, missing claws, tattered felt, and overall poor worksmanship on the
mount and rug work.

Juli repaired all damaged parts of the rug, gave it a 'new' anatomically correct nose and
lower lips, refinished and repainted the inside of the mouth, cleaned and conditioned the
hair, put new felt, backing, and hangers on it.

Refurbishing and Repair work are billed at $75/hour.
Bear Rug BEFORE refurbishing
Bear Rug AFTER refurbishing
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