Rug Styles and Options

We are proud to offer our customers an extensive list of options when choosing their style
of wildlife rug. You have choices ranging from felt colors and widths, to facial expression
and mount style.

  • closed mouth, ears alert - this is a relaxed look and not at all aggressive.
  • mildly aggressive, open mouth, ears semi alert.
  • mildly aggressive, open mouth, ears laid back.
  • aggressive, open mouth, ears laid back.
  • aggressive, open mouth, ears semi-alert
  • relaxed, semi-open mouth, ears alert or semi alert (this option is available only for some

Each rug (flat or mounted) has a double layer of felt to help 'picture frame' your rug. Felt
colors are your choice and can be chosen when you drop off your hide or before the rugging
process begins. You can also choose no felt as an option.
  • Normal -  2.5" wide outer layer
  • Narrow -  1.5" wide outer layer
  • Minimal - 3/4" wide outer layer
  • No felt showing

For an extra $75 you can have three layers of felt put on your rug. The wolf rug to the right
has three layers of felt.

Camo felt is available at $75 extra for any rug.

Detailed jaws add an additional level of realism not attainable using the standard mounting
process. They can be used in place of a standard jaw set on many species for an additional
Mounted Rugs
Mounted style rugs are as described, having a mounted head which adds a lifelike
representation to the mount. There are several mount and felt options listed below for
mounted style rugs.

Flat Rugs
Flat rugs are made by stretching the entire hide flat, but they do not include a mounted
head. If the skin of the head was left on the hide, it is stretched and trimmed in the general
shape and proportion of the animal's head, so as to achieve a lifelike representation.
Though not as common as the mounted style, flat rugs are equally as beautiful as a
mounted style rug.

All rugs come with a double layer of felt, have 10 oz quilt batting, and heavy backing
material that is hand sewn to the rug. They also have edges, armpits and flanks dyed, and
have hangers on the feet and head.
Double layer batting is available for an additional $75.
Mount  Options
Styles of Rugs
Alaska Wildlife
Rugs and Taxidermy
Below you will find several options listed for mounted style rugs. Please note that some
animals (Mt Goat, for example) are mounted only in the closed mouth style. If you have a
special request, please don't hesitate to ask!
Click here to see photos of some of the various
styles of rugs.
Relive the memory
opportunity (and time) to visit
every taxidermy shop in their
area, they can have a difficult
time determining quality of the
work a taxidermist completes.
Here is a closeup of a brown bear
nose on a rug mount completed
by Juli. While the use of artificial
noses is common practice
amongst most taxidermists, we
nearly always use the  animal's
real nose (unless damage prevents
it), which results in a more
professional and realistic
representation of your animal.
Replacement noses look just like
what they are made of... plastic.